Choose Your Grade To Start
Select the appropriate grade to have students practice the math skills they’re expected to know at their particular education level. You can then choose which skill(s) you want them to work on as they play an exciting, adventure-packed game or use our accessible digital textbook.
Entertaining Games: Our games are free to use and so much fun to play! Math Games understands that the best way to motivate children to study is to ensure that learning is enjoyable. With our incredibly popular online games and downloadable game apps, students will actually want to review math!
Common Core: Each learning activity or game is aligned with the math standards required by the Common Core for different grades. This means that pupils complete tasks that are not only fun but also directly relevant to what they will be assessed on.
Customized Learning: If a child is finding some activities too challenging or too easy, you can alter the grade level. Foundational concepts and old material can be reviewed, or students can push ahead to explore new principles.
Play Online or Offline: Our exercises and games can be completed on computers, tablets, or mobile devices. You can also download printable worksheets with grading keys for offline use. Quality math review can now happen anywhere!